What happens to the @POTUS social media accounts after the election?

The White House has officially answered this burning question through a post published on it’s blog (and yes to my surprise as well, the White House has a blog).


The process is actually simpler than one might think. According to the post, the new president will take over the @POTUS Twitter account, retain all the followers, yet the account will be wiped clean of President Obama’s previous tweets. But do not worry, President Obama’s tweets will not be gone forever. They will be reposted to another account titled @POTUS44, an account created and maintained by the National Archive and Records Administration (NARA). The same process will be done for the First Lady’s accounts, Vice President’s accounts, and other officials. This process will also be carried out over all social channels.

According to Kori Schulman, the Deputy Chief Digital Officer, “President Obama is the first ‘social media president’: the first to have @POTUS on Twitter, the first to go live on Facebook from the Oval Office, the first to answer questions from citizens on YouTube, the first to use a filter on Snapchat.”

Along with this social media account transition, the blog post outlines a plan to open data to the public digitally. By the end of President Obama’s administration, previous social media content should be easily accessible to the American public in a downloadable version.

In conclusion to the post, Kori Schulman writes that this transition is unprecedented and new. She suggests the public follow the Twitter account @WHWeb for updates on data releases, account transitions, and more.

Current Presidential social media accounts can be found here:

Twitter: @POTUS

Facebook: @potus

Instagram: @barackobama

Snapchat: White House snap-code




4 thoughts on “What happens to the @POTUS social media accounts after the election?

  1. Great post! Something I’ve never thought about. But as social media becomes even more important, I could see why this would be something of concern. I like the idea of Obama still keeping his tweets and just transferring them to a different account, rather than deleting the entire account and posts. Interesting concept, great job!


  2. I have been wondering this for the last few weeks as well! I didn’t know that the White House had a blog either, so thanks for the information. I never thought that the entire account would be wiped, but it makes sense, seeing as all of the previous posts were on Obama’s behalf and wouldn’t be representative of the new leader of the nation. Great post!


  3. Great post! I assumed that the account name would simply be changed and a new account would be made for the new POTUS. I will be interested to see how many current followers are lost and how many new followers are gained based on who wins the election and takes over the account. I know many people respect President Obama’s involvement in pop-culture and social media outlets, so it will be interesting to see how the new President fills these shoes.


  4. I really enjoyed your blog post because the topic was over something that I have never really considered before or thought much about. It is very interesting to think about all of the things that will change one the new president takes office. You did a wonderful job expressing your point of view and explaining the article. Great job!


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